Pousada Arara Azul -Pantanal MS

Jaguars into the Pantanal
Jaguars into the Pantanal

Dear Traveler, thinking about an adventure to the Pantanal or Bonito: Maybe both: Look no further! With or own lodge and camp site deep in the Pantanal and this gives us a great advantage in offering you the best price out there as well as matching any other offers. We can offer you a unique experience that will not hurt your pocket and will create life long memories! We are a 100% local company that employs only local talent.
All our family, guides and all staff are here for work for you and with you. We are nature lovers and our tour leaves every day from Campo Grande, Corumba or from Bonito.
If you arrive in the morning in Campo Grande you can start the tour in the same day 1030am.
But we have departure to Pantanal at 700am,1030am,1200pm and 1500pm every day start from Campo Grande.From Campo Grande to the entry of Pantanal (Buraco Das Piranhas)is 4 hours ride and more 2 hours to arrive in our Lodge.
If you arrive at night we come to pick up you and provide you a night accommodation in Campo Grande for waiting your tour in the next morning.
If you arrive and want go directly to Pantanal we have own our cars and vans and we can start your tour immediately...
We have the best prices because we have our own means of transport and or own lodge and one camp deeper into the Pantanal. We do not outsource any of our services to sub contractors.
Often, the most expensive price does not mean more quality, standard many tour agencies working in high commission. When you pay your tour out of place where you start the tour you will definitely pay high commission. Here you book directly.Please send us a quickly email to start our negotiation.

5% discount to book online

We have office inside of the Campo Grande bus station where is possible make your pick up and give you all the information about the Pantanal with pictures and maps. Please do not book something in advanced in Foz do Iguaçu or Bonito before check our prices, this people take deposit from you but the money you give is only the commission. You can make your reservation directly and not pay the commission and get free transfer to Pantanal and free pick up from Bonito ,Campo Grande or Corumba.

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Pantanal Trekking Tour- Prices.

Our Prices are Brazilian currency (Real) you can pay in Dollars or Euro.
We accept visa and master card, the price is included all the meals in the pantanal, activities, English speak guide, transfer to Pantanal.
Extra cost: Soft drinks.
Mineral water is included in the Lodge or in the Camp
Please to know our prices send us a quick e-mail.
Prices LODGE: (air-conditioner) Pousada Arara Azul
3 days Brief Encounter-Dorms and Private Room
02 nights and 03 days lodge tour: R$ 00, 00 per person. (dorms).
02 nights and 03 days lodge tour: R$ 00, 00 per person. (Private room) (Two people)
4 days Pantanal Overland Experience
03 nights and 04 days lodge tour: R$ 00, 00 per person.( dorms ).
03 nights and 04 days lodge tour: R$ 00, 00 per person.( private room ).(two people ).
Private Room (Single) 3 days Pantanal Brief Encounter
2 nights and 3 days lodge tour. R$ 00.00 Reais (private room single)
Private Room (single) 4 days Pantanal Overland Experience
3 nights and 4 days lodge tour: R$ 00.00 Reais (private room single)
Camping 3 days Brief Encounter
02 nights and 03 days camping tour: R$ 00, 00 per person.
Camping 4 days Pantanal Overland Experience
03 nights and 04 days camping tour: R$ 00, 00 per person.
At the camp site you can sleep in tents or hammocks. (Provided) .
The price is the same for hammocks and tents.
All included: except soft drinks and the ticket out.
Mineral water is included
The activities are the same for both tours: lodge and camping.
We can pick you from Campo Grande, Bonito or Corumba the transfer to Pantanal is included. After your tour into the Pantanal you can continue your travel to Bonito (70.00 Reais),to Corumba-Bolivia (30.00 Reais) or back to Campo Grande (70.00 Reais) this transfer cost extra because the people take different directions.

Survival Tour and Mixed Tour

Survival tour: Bush Camp. Dry season
Minimum of 02 people maximum 6 people. Included all the activities and the private guide . In the survival tour, you sleep the first night in the lodge to make the boot tour and two nights outside in the bush .In the survival tour, you will be in direct contact with the nature. In the bush not have hot shower, electricity, bathroom, etc...
The guide prepares your meals in the camp fire and we bring the mineral water and tends
In the survival tour you have more hiking opportunities and you not lose time because when you wake up you are in the bush inside the nature and you see the maiden wildlife around all time near of you.
The survival tour, you need to bring, sleeping bags, but if not have we provide for you
this tour gives you a unique opportunity to enjoy the environment in a different way. The guide explanations and the nature only for you enjoy and all time for you get your memories
Price for the survival tour:
02 nights and 03 days tour R$ 00, 00 per person
03 nights and 4 days tour R$ 00.00 Reais per person
Mixed Tour Remote Challenge wilderness
From Eco-Lodge Arara Azul to bush camp to Eco Lodge Paraguay River
In this tour, you have the chance to visit all different landscapes from wetlands called Pantanal
First day and first night boat tour at Miranda river in the afternoon, night excursions by jeep with accommodation at Pousada Arara Azul (first lunch in the jungle)
Second night bush camp (sleep in tents) night excursion by foot and trekking in the morning and horse riding in the afternoon after the horse ride transfer to second lodge in front of the Paraguay River
Third night at Eco lodge Paraguay River- night excursion by boat and boat tour in the morning with piranha fish, in the boat tour you explore many tributaries from the River Paraguay like; Rio Negro,Rio Taquari,Rio Abobral,Rio Miranda,Rio Paraguay Mirim
All the activities are included
You will visit all the pantanal like the Nhecolandia, Abobral River, Rio Negro, Rio Miranda, Rio Paraguay and the park road (Estrada Parque)
Price for the mixed tour: R$ 00,00 per person. 3 nights Minimum two people maximum 6 people

What is Included

What is included?
Free pick up in and out from the airport or from the bus station.
Transfer to Pantanal included in the price
3 Meals a day in the Pantanal. Breakfast, lunch,dinner and mineral water included
Transfer to Pantanal included in the price start from Campo Grande, Bonito or Corumba.

Anaconda trekking (dry season)
Jeep safari.
Boat trip.
Horse back riding.
Trekking in savannas and in the Bush Nhecolandia
Piranha fishing..
Night excursions .
Sunrise Walking.
Plant life explanations
All Meals Breakfast, lunch,dinner and mineral water included.

Please, to make your reservation I need little more information:
Your full names, gender, nationality, which tour do you want to take and your arrival details:
Witch bus company, flight number and the arrival details in Campo Grande,Corumba or Bonito.

We have an office inside of the new bus station and in the Centre of Campo Grande.
There is a new bus station in Campo Grande located far from center in a area that do not offer any services as restaurants, bars, etc.

Please let me know soon is possible your arrival details .


We offer for you different tours and different types of accommodation
Accommodation private and dorms Eco-Lodge Pousada Arara Azul
Rooms with hot shower and air conditioner
Facilities at the lodge: pool table, bar and lobby and swimming pool.
The lodge is deeper in the Pantanal than the other lodges 40 km from Buraco Das Piranhas (the entry of pantanal).Our lodge is strategically well located for wildlife spotting the name Eco-Lodge Pousada Arara Azul (blue Macaw)
In our Lodge we explore the savannah from Nhecolandia and many tributaries rivers from the River Paraguay (master river from Pantanal)
Our lodge is deeper into the pantanal from the others lodge and you see the true Pantanal wildlife for sure.
The Camp site
Accommodation hammocks and tents
The Camp site is located near the Abobral River 30 km from the entry of Pantanal
The camp are located in the center of the Estrada Parque (Park Road) km
It is also appropriate and perfect for wildlife spotting.
From the camp we visit different areas (the Pantanal is divided with many private areas)
In the Ecological camp have electricity for you recharge batteries, etc...
Bathrooms, hot shower and storage, safe, bar near the camp Hammocks or tents: provided.
Blankets and mattress also provided.
Mineral water will provide in the Lodge and in the Camp.
There is a very nice atmosphere at the camp site in the night time.
Camp fire outside and you can share your experiences with others.
Remembers the Pantanal not is like a Zoo and you need go in different lands and make different activities to find the exuberant and magic wildlife from Pantanal

Pantanal Trekking Tour

Starting our tour into the Pantanal
Starting our tour into the Pantanal

Lodge or Camp deeper into the pantanal

  • 3 days Brief Encounter
  • 4 days Pantanal Overland Experience Visa and Master card accept
  • 5 days Remote Challenge wilderness
  • Survival Course Tour and Mixed Tour and Private Vip Tour

All tours give you a taste of freedom and adventure within the Pantanal. It includes all meals, accommodation, sunrise and wildlife-spotting walks, piranha fishing, boat trips, night excursion, swimming, bird watching, horse riding, safari photography.You come to visit different lands from Pantanal. Opportunities to learn about the many medicinal uses of plants and you will get chance to see how Pantaneiros live and enjoy, the friendly hospitality. We do not outsource any of our services from sub contractors. Also cover any offers.

Not booking nothing in advanced in Foz do Iguaçu or Bonito before check or prices



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