Pantanal Tours with Ecological Expeditions and Hostel Campo Grande

Jaguars into the Pantanal
Jaguars into the Pantanal

This vast wetland well over half the size of France is one of world’s great wildlife preserves Pantanal is a definitely the highlight of your Brazil vacation gateway to the wonders of Pantanal and Bonito with Ecological Expeditions and Pantanal Trekking Tour Guides Union affiliate at Hostel Campo Grande.

The major gateway Hostel Campo Grande it will be very grateful to receive you with open arms the Campo Grande Hostel offer you a great stay in Campo Grande or explore the destinations in the Pantanal or Bonito we have the best options available.  Pantanal Trekking Tour Guides Union are affiliated at Ecological Expeditions and Hostel Campo Grande . With two Hostels in Campo Grande and one in Bonito, are each located in the downtown areas with easy access to great bars, restaurants and banks. With our hostels, being only ten minutes from the airport and bus station we offer undoubtedly the greatest option for you visit to Campo Grande,Pantanal and Bonito. We offer to you a cheap apartment and a safe place with all facilities possible moreover we also offer tours and accommodation in Bonito and the Pantanal Trekking Tour experience deeper in the Pantanal with best native guides through our agencies called: Pantanal Trekking Tour and Ecological Expeditions Guides Union.

Arrival in Campo Grande - Mato Grosso do Sul

We have a reception service, with our agencies you can start your tour in Campo Grande or in Corumba case you come from Bolivia border , so we are able to pick you up at the bus station,train station or from the airport.

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How to arrive:

If you want a accomodation or want take a tour to Pantanal or Bonito please just take a Taxi to our Hostel Campo Grande we pay half of the price(the taxi cost around 20.00 Reais) or you can ask to the Official Turism Information to call us and we came to pick up you free of charge(3321-0505 or 3042-0508). Case you booking our tour in the Pantanal the taxi are included and our company give you an night accomodation in the Hostel Campo Grande.

We cover any offers.

All our hostels are located in the downtown. See some photos of our Hostel in Campo Grande.

Pantanal Trekking Tour Guides Union

With many years experience in the natural environment Pantanal and Bonito you will be in safe hands with or team we know how big our responsibility when you book our services we work for recommendations for work at all times ours aims are give you the best great memories possible. The health, safety and wellbeing of our clients are of paramount importance to our business up.

All the Ecological Expeditions can be individually tailored for your needs and interests

If you have not yet made your reservations, please call us our call-free number in Brazil is:
0800-601 05 08
and 055**067.3382-3504 or 021-67-3321-0505
Skype: ecologicalexpeditions
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Capital Campo Grande MS. Brazil

Our Social Project "OUR LIFE" - Campo Grande

Our travel agency Ecological Expeditions offers tours into the Pantanal and Bonito, we have more then 12 years of experience in this area. Moreover in the case that you book with us one tour you will get one free night in our Hostel Campo Grande and you contribute to help our Social Project "Our Life" for the children in Campo Grande. We also have one other Hostel with air condition and parking in Campo Grande and Bonito.

Hostel in Bonito - Mato Grosso do Sul

Hostel Ecological Expeditions Bonito is located in the centre of Bonito, a nice and quite place with easy access, comfortable with air condition, minibar, TV. Once arrived in our Hostel in Bonito, please feel free to discover all the cristall-clear rivers and waterfalls around Bonito and the Serra da Bodoquena. You will find our Hostel in Bonito only 2 minutes by food from the central bus station in Bonito.

Pantanal Trekking Tour Guides Union:

Starting our tour into the Pantanal
Starting our tour into the Pantanal

Lodge or Camp deeper into the pantanal

  • 3 days Brief Encounter
  • 4 days Pantanal Overland Experience Visa and Master card accept
  • 5 days Remote Challenge wilderness
  • Survival Course Tour and Mixed Tour and Private Vip Tour

All tours give you a taste of freedom and adventure within the Pantanal. It includes all meals, accommodation, sunrise and wildlife-spotting walks, piranha fishing, boat trips, night excursion, swimming, bird watching, horse riding, safari photography.You come to visit different lands from Pantanal. Opportunities to learn about the many medicinal uses of plants and you will get chance to see how Pantaneiros live and enjoy, the friendly hospitality. We do not outsource any of our services from sub contractors. Also cover any offers.

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If you arrive in Campo Grande by bus, just take a Taxi to our Hostel ( Hostel Campo Grande - Ecological Expeditions ) in downtown in front of the OLD bus terminal.Yes the Bus station are change to the periphery from the city make your reservation in advanced a have a custom service.

The Hostel Campo Grande and Ecological Expeditions - Pantanal Trekking Tour headoffice is located at the same address in DOWNTOWN.

The bus atation is far from the center and locaded in an area that do not offer any services as restaurants,bars,etc

Address: Rua Joaquim Nabuco 185 Center - Campo Grande.
Free call in Brazil 0800 601 0508

055**67-3042-0508 or 055**67-3321-0505

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Make your reservation with a free call or via e-mail