Bonito Tours - Parque das Cachoeiras:

Parque das Cachoeiras - Bonito Tour
Parque das Cachoeiras - Bonito Tour

Its name says all, ‘Parque das Cachoeiras’ (Waterfall Park) is located at 18 km from the city, half of them pavement and half dirt road.

At the arrival the guide Will give all the information about the activity.

The activity starts with a Wood trail and some stairs in the vegetation of Rio Mimoso. During the walk the guide gives some informations and explanations about the fauna and flora of the region. The visitor will see six waterfalls as total made by limestone and with some caves. Stops for a bath always happen.

Each waterfall has been baptized with names similar with its characteristics, like for example, the 1º called Cachoeiras do Amor (Love Waterfall), name given by the magic that only the people in Love can explain, the 2º is the Cachoeira da Figueira (Fig Tree Waterfall) ‘cause it has a centenary fig tree nearby, the 3º, is the Cachoeira do Sinhozinho, which is the mythical side of Bonito, that way the visitors can enjoy one by one until reach the last.

For those Who like a little bit more of adventure, there’s a tyrolese, to be enjoyed.

A delicious lunch wait for you in the reception of the activity. The infra estructure offers a place to rest.

As optional the visitor can do a horseback riding, accompanied by the farms employees.

Important info:

  • Touristic guide during the activity.
  • It’s not recommend for children under 05 years old.
  • There’s some wood stairs in a few parts of the trail.
  • Recommended the use of light clothes, snickers or sandals like papetes.
  • Lunch is optional
  • At the location is possible to rent sandals to do the trail.

Duration: 2h 30 min Distance: 17Km